Marketing with McFarling


The Marketing Department at McFarling Foods is here to serve our customers' needs in order to help them grow their business. We have the ability to help out in a quick and concise manner, without the red tape of larger organizations. WE want to be the solution to your problems! Remember: McFarling Delivers!

If, at any time, we can be of assistance to your company in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us. Marketing can be reached by phone at (317) 687-6827, toll free at (800) 622-9027, via fax at (317) 687-6844, or via email at sgc@mcfarling.com.

The progams listed below are just a few of the ways in which McFarling Foods can help grow your business.

Customer Assistance Program

Menu Design & Production
·Manufacturer Menu Rebate Programs
·To Go Menus
·Menu Covers

Advertising - Radio, Newspaper, TV

Premium Items

Special Events
·Grand Openings

In-Store Promotions
·Waitstaff Contests
·Dessert Programs

Customer Training & Testing
·E-Learning for Food Safety Certification Training - Proctor Center for State Exam & Certification
·Menu Management/Costing
·Waitstaff Training/Customer Service

Manufacturer Rebate Program

As a unique service to our customers, the Marketing Department manages every manufacturer rebate available for purchases made. We reprint the required invoices for proof of purchase, complete and attach the necessary coupon or form and return everything to the customer, via their DSR, for mailing and redemption. Last year, McFarling Foods returned over $300,000 in manufacturer rebates to our customers! Please refer to the Website section entitled Coupons for a current listing.