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Employee Owned

When your food comes from McFarling Foods, you are getting the highest quality food, driven to your door from a Hoosier company, owned by Hoosiers. Our on-site processing facility means fresh-cut steaks, chicken, pork and seafood are available for your customers’ enjoyment. That’s something our competitors can’t say.

McFarling Foods is proud to be an employee-owned company. We think that makes our service, our foods and our company a cut above the rest.

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The Local Advantage

Local Processing
When you order from McFarling Foods, you have an option not available from other distributors: high-quality meat processed at our Indianapolis plant. While we also offer pre-packaged meats, our local processing capability means you get your fresh-cut meat the very next day, not 48 hours later.

Local Distribution
We serve our over 1300 Indiana and Ohio customers from a centralized Indianapolis location. This means you get your food quicker, talk to a sales representative who isn’t located across the country, and develop relationships that go beyond an order form – real meat and potatoes relationships.

Locally Owned
The people who answer our phones, who load our trucks, who create filet mignon cuts, who take your order: all McFarling Foods owners. We believe that owners work with a more intense dedication to their customers. That dedication makes for a better business and keeps Hoosier dollars in Hoosier pockets.

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Video Feature

Working for McFarling Foods isn’t just a job — it’s a way of life that extends beyond the workday. Our employee/owners love what they do and take pride in making a difference in the community through better service, better quality and better dining experiences, one bite at a time.

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