Brent Ferling 

Transportation Manager

My friends describe me as dependable with a good sense of humor.

Brent Ferling, McFarling’s Transportation Manager, loves the challenges of his job. A two-year McFarling veteran, Brent says the highlight of his day is working with his awesome team of people at the Distribution Center.

Let’s get to know Brent:

Have you held other positions at McFarling?

Yes, Junior Warehouse Associate.

What do you find challenging and rewarding about your job?

Finding solutions to problems and ways to continually improve.

Any hidden talents or hobbies?

I’m a lifelong musician.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Measure twice, cut once.

Who inspires you?

God and my family come first.

What are you most proud of?

My family ;)

Fun facts:

First job: Picture framer while attending art school
Pets: 4 dogs and 2 African Grey parrots
Sports fan? Enjoy all types of auto racing!
Favorite food: Pizza
Ever meet a celebrity? Yes—lots of famous musicians including: Van Halen, Metallic and others in the 80’s