December 17, 2020

Mcfarling Mondays : Caplinger’s Fresh Catch

Here’s more with McFarling Foods’ Director of Business Development, Aldy Labrador, and Andrew Caplinger, Owner, Caplinger’s Fresh Catch, as he makes the popular, “Seafood Alfredo.”
December 17, 2020

McFarling Mondays: Kopper Kettle

In our kitchen this morning, we learn about the dynamic duo– McFarling and Kopper Kettle — with Leigh Langkabel, Kopper Kettle, and Aldy Labrador, McFarling Foods. Oh, and did we mention what’s on the menu? Country Style Green Beans, Gravy, Fried Chicken and more!
September 10, 2020

First Food Drop Friday highlighted with Terri Stacy @93wibc