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McFarling Foods
333 West 14th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(800) 622-9003

Richmond Branch
1136 Northwest 5th Street
Richmond, IN 47374
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It has been the practice of McFarling Foods for many years to share a portion of our profits to support worthy charities. We have several charities that we support on a regular basis and have requests on a daily basis from individuals and organizations. Like any other company we must limit our giving and must choose specific charities and types of causes to support.

We propose that we will continue to support Riley Hospital and other related programs that aid children. We will support current customer requested charity events and will be open to compelling needs for aid such as local disaster relief. We find it necessary to limit all other requests and hope that it is understood that we all have limits and must choose what we can support.

With those stipulations in mind, we ask that those individuals or groups seeking a donation from McFarling Foods do so only in writing. Please address letters to:

McFarling Foods, Inc. | Attention: Donations
333 West 14th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202