McFarling Mondays

“McFarling Monday” is a way for us to showcase our great customers and their awesome food. This feature can be seen on WISH TV’s Indy Style (Central Indiana) and WHAS 11's Great Day LIVE! (Louisville and Southern Indiana).


October 25, 2021

McFarling Monday: On Great Day LIVE! Home Run Burgers & Fries

Home Run Burgers & Fries is one of the Kentuckiana restaurants partnered with McFarling Foods. To learn more, go to
October 11, 2021

McFarling Monday: On Great Day LIVE! El Torazo Mexican Restaurant

Great Day Live visited El Torazo Mexican Restaurant to talk about their delicious food and their partnership with McFarling Foods. Learn more at
October 11, 2021

McFarling Monday: On Great Day LIVE! Why Do We Call Our Customers “Partners”?

September 20, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Delicious food, fantastic brews at Pints & Union

Pints & Union is a partner of McFarling Foods and is located at 114 E. Market St. in New Albany, Indiana.
September 20, 2021

McFarling Mondays: McFarling Foods joins “Great Day Live”

McFarling Foods is bringing the highest quality, freshest ingredients to local restaurants all around Kentuckiana.
September 15, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Chef Paul Vida and Maci Runkel from Ivy Tech Culinary School

August 30, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Broadway Diner in Fortville

Broadway Diner in Fortville, Indiana has been in operation since 1978. It’s the oldest independent restaurant in town! Owner Jody Fuchs and her son Chef Adam […]
August 9, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Learn how to slice, serve meat like a pro with Smokin Barrel BBQ

Nothing says summertime in Indiana like pork and corn! Mike McFarland and his wife CJ, owners and operators of Smokin Barrel BBQ joined us today to […]
July 26, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Aldy on Coffee

Aldy Labrador of McFarling Foods. Is coffee unhealthy? What about a little sugar? Aldy tells it straight. If you have a question about food, go to […]
July 26, 2021

McFarling Monday: Ivy Tech Chef makes ceviche, polvorones (Mexican wedding cookies)

It’s McFarling Monday! Joining us today was Chef Liz Gimenez of Ivy Tech, an Indy Tech student and Aldy Labrador, the director of business development for […]
July 12, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Aldy on Chicken

Aldy Labrador of McFarling Foods. Is coffee unhealthy? What about a little sugar? Aldy tells it straight. If you have a question about food, go to […]
July 10, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Ivy Tech teacher, student prepare panzanella salad

June 24, 2021

Mcfarling Mondays: Ivy Tech Culinary School teacher

June 8, 2021

McFaring Mondays: 317 Burger

Have you ever heard of “Porky Pig Poutine”? Neither had Randy Ollis, and now he’s in love with them! 317 Burger describes these fries as, “Easy […]
May 24, 2021

McFarling Monday: Meet Chef Nick from Prestwick Country Club

Smothered Chicken, Fettucine Alfredo, Freshly Made Chicken Strips and more! That’s just a “nugget” of what you’ll find on the menu at Prestwick Country Club in […]
May 10, 2021

McFarling Monday: Meet the Owner of L.A. Café

On the menu this Monday? Parmesan-Encrusted Pork Loin and Famous Homemade Mac and Cheese! The restaurant? L.A. Café. The owner? Jessie Averitt. Check it out AND […]
April 24, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Blueberry Hill Pancake House

Blueberry Hill Pancake House shows off their breakfast specialtiesWe had Breakfast on Blueberry Hill today! We were joined by Aldy Labrador, Director of Business Development, McFarling […]
April 13, 2021

McFarling Mondays : Burch Tree Cafe & Bakery

Their cupcakes? INSANE. Their famous dish? Named after Customer Bob! Here’s more from Jayme Moss with Burch Tree Cafe & Bakery in Knightstown AND a quick […]
April 1, 2021

McFarling Foods explains Food Drop Friday on Indy Style

Our own Jason Acquisto Explains Food Drop Friday on Indy Style.
March 30, 2021

McFarling Mondays : Mayberry Café

In the kitchen? Chef Brad and Christine from Mayberry Cafe– making a special Cajun Pasta Dish… and then, we hear from Jason Acquisto, Marketing Manager, McFarling Foods, about Food Drop Fridays and how McFarling is doing its part to support its community.
March 30, 2021

McFarling Mondays (Bonus) : Fancy Desserts

McFarling reveals it’s NEW Fancy Desserts
March 15, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Oaken Barrel Brewing Company

A Chubby Burger, some Dynamite Shrimp and a pretty awesome team!That’s what you’ll find in our kitchen this morning as we hear from Aldy Labrador, McFarling Foods, and Bryan Bates, Kitchen Manager of Oaken Barrel Brewing Company. Take a listen!
February 22, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Smokin’ Barrel BBQ

Smoked meats… sides… and FREE Banana Pudding? Say what?! In our kitchen today, we welcome back Aldy Labrador, the Director of Business Development for McFarling Foods, and meet Chef Mike McFarland of Smokin’ Barrel BBQ!
February 8, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Living Room Lounge

As part of McFarling Monday, Aldy Labrador, Director of Business Development with McFarling Foods, introduces us to Chef Tony Taylor from Living Room Lounge, who makes us wings and seafood chowder!
January 17, 2021

McFarling Mondays: 317 BBQ

What a show this morning on Indy Style with our partners 317 BBQ. All your Texas-style BBQ favorites (ribs, brisket, chicken) PLUS homemade horseradish BBQ cole slaw, espresso chocolate chip cookies and so much more!
January 11, 2021

McFarling Mondays: Edwards Drive-In

Another fun day at WISH TV on Indy Style! Aldy talks about what it means to be a partner to our customers, and what is ahead in 2021. Plus – Jeff from Edwards Drive-In prepares chicken tenders and fried biscuits and talks about McFarling Foods, saying we‘ve always had “a partnership where you learn to grow together”.
December 17, 2020

Mcfarling Mondays : Caplinger’s Fresh Catch

Here’s more with McFarling Foods’ Director of Business Development, Aldy Labrador, and Andrew Caplinger, Owner, Caplinger’s Fresh Catch, as he makes the popular, “Seafood Alfredo.”
December 17, 2020

McFarling Mondays: Kopper Kettle

In our kitchen this morning, we learn about the dynamic duo– McFarling and Kopper Kettle — with Leigh Langkabel, Kopper Kettle, and Aldy Labrador, McFarling Foods. Oh, and did we mention what’s on the menu? Country Style Green Beans, Gravy, Fried Chicken and more!