Scott Stroud

Senior Buyer

“My friends describe me as honest, caring and dependable.“

No two days are the same for Scott Stroud, the Senior Buyer at McFarling Foods. For 39 years, Scott has been enjoying his work at McFarling. From working with vendors to identify the best value and best quality products, to researching new items and finding creative solutions for customers - every day is an adventure for Scott.

Getting to know Scott

Have you held other positions at McFarling?

Outside Sales and Inside Sales

What do you find challenging and rewarding about your job?

Continually looking for the best value, managing the inventory and working with great vendors.

Any role models or mentors in your professional life?

Don McFarling

What are you most proud of?

My 2 amazing sons

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Traveling to see the country and spending time with my family

How do friends and family describe you?

Honest, caring and dependable

Fun facts:

First job: Preston Super Market
Who inspires you? My family, wife, children and grandchildren
Any pets: One dog—Gus
Favorite team Indianapolis Colts
Ever meet a celebrity? Yes—Al Unser Sr.